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The future of cryptocurrencies paves the way for itself through out to using in the real life already today. Including in the providing of services area.

Our company it is the providing of services of the people transportation by taxi. The important difference of our service from transportations, similar at the market, is that payment for the provided service is performs by the client not the fiat money, but Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitstaxi - the first carrier company in the world with 100% of working capital in cryptocurrency.


We provide a wide range of services and products which with identical success will bring a profit for an each online investor

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Bitstaxi gives the chance of active earnings which progressiveness doesn’t depend on external factors. You make the decision on that how much do you want to earn actively on your own because your income depends only on your enterprise.

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Investing into the Bitstaxi business directions, each investor automatically gets all reasonable advantages of lawful British business

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